​節目 Programme

香港演奏家管樂團 Hong Kong Performers Winds 
指揮:關子禮 Conductor: Steve Kwan Tsz-lai 

《吹響吧!上低音號》主題曲 - 加藤裕介(金山徹編)

Dream Solister from Sound! Euphonium - Kato Yusuke (arr. Kanayama Tohru)


十月 - 韋塔克

October - Eric Whitacre


蘇沙! - 蘇沙(柏加編)

SOUSA! - John Philip Sousa (arr. Warren Barker)


香港演奏家管樂團及少年團 HKPW & Junior 

指揮:司徒震洋 Conductor: Szeto Chun-yeung 

福斯特幻想曲 - 福斯特(後藤洋編)

Foster Songs Fantasy - Stephen Foster (arr. Goto Yo)


《加勒比海盜》 - 巴德爾特(史雲特編)

Pirates of the Caribbean - Klaus Badelt (arr. Michael Sweenty)

中場休息 Intermission 

香港演奏家管樂團及少年團 HKPW & Junior 

指揮:司徒震洋 Conductor: Szeto Chun-yeung 

《老鼠也移民》主題曲 - 霍納、曼恩、懷爾(摩斯編)

Somewhere Out There from An American Tail - James Horner, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil (arr. John Moss)

《哈利波特-火盃的考驗》配樂選段 - 道爾及約翰威廉斯(史多利編)

Selections from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Patrick Doyle & John Williams (arr. Michael Story)

香港演奏家管樂團 Hong Kong Performers Winds

指揮:司徒震洋 Conductor: Szeto Chun-yeung

《鬼滅之刃》主題曲:《紅蓮華》 - 草野華余子(宮川成治編)

Gurenge - Theme from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Kayoko Kusano (arr. Miyagawa Seiji)

F大調第二軍樂組曲 - 霍爾斯特

Second Suite for Military Band in F major - Gustav Holst





2020年一整年的演出計劃經歷了「開館、閉館、有show、退票、開館、cut 可容納觀眾人數」無限輪迴,七月表演場館重開,HKPW 隨即舉辦「周年音樂會2020」。










Thank you for coming to Hong Kong Performers Winds’ Annual Concert 2021.

HKPW would have organised almost 10 concerts in 2020 if we were to live in a more physically and mentally healthier world. It had been 8 months since our last LIVE performance in July 2020.


In times of uncertainties, we made this concert our “annual” one to celebrate our 16th anniversary once we were informed a green light after the CNY.


This time, there were even more new challenges apart from health and safety of the audience and performers, the audience’s acceptance to live concert during a pandemic, venues' new and inconsistent requirements, concert budget, etc.

We had been thinking about the band’s positioning and direction – why and how we run the band and organise concerts. As a small and self-financed community group, there are not many things we can do but react swiftly to survive. We'd rather keep moving in the dark to look for new possibilities. We strongly believe in the power of live performances and music sharing which connects people especially in this era of resilience. 

On behalf of HKPW, thank you again for your support which enables us to continue to offer a space and platform for playing and sharing music in our 16th years and onwards. 

We wish you good health!


Hong Kong Performers Winds


香港演奏家樂團 HKPW

短笛 Piccolo

降B調單簧管 Bb Clarinet

陳佩鈿 Alice Chan Pui-tin * #

蔡漢明 Horace Choi Hon-ming ^

范柏峰 Jake Fan Pak-fung

馮子容 Fung Tsz-yung @

劉海杰 Lau Hoi-kit

曾子僑 Tsang Tsz-kiu @

謝以諾 Tse Yee-nok @

黃文廸 Wong Man-tik

長笛 Flute

池依霖 Libby Chi Yee-lam 

蔡家偉 Norris Choi Ka-wai # ^ 

戴顯琦 Natalie Dai Hin-kei

石卓謹 Kent Shek Cheuk-kan

低音單簧管 Bass Clarinet

雙簧管 Oboe

陳如瑜 Ingrid Chan Yu-yu

黎楚筠 Gloria Lai Chor-kwan 

* 團長 Concert Master

# 聲部長 Section Leaders

@ 客席樂手 Guest Players

^ 樂團委員 Committee Members



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利群芳小姐 Ms Li Kwan-Fong Sally

All performers, their parents and audience


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