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Forte! 一齊玩管樂團@ 2021夏

Forte! Play with HKPW @ 2021 Summer

訓練時間 Training schedule:

15 Jul - 29 Aug & 5 Sep, 2021 (Thu 3-5pm & Sun 1-3pm)

訓練地點:觀塘 Training venue: Kwun Tong 

演出日期及地點 Performance date & venue:

12 Sep 2021 (Sun) 下午排練,晚上演出

PM rehearsal, EVE performance

香港大會堂劇院 Hong Kong City Hall Hall Theatre

Forte 在意大利文中指大聲、強而有力地演奏音樂,在英文中亦解作強項。參加香港少年演奏家管樂團(HKPW Junior)的Forte! 一齊玩管樂團@2021夏,學習如何有信心地演奏,讓合奏成為你的強項。​

Forte is a musical term in Italian meaning "loud”, “strong” and “powerful”. It also means “strength” in English. Join HKPW Junior’s Forte! Play with HKPW@Summer 2021, a summer intensive wind band training, to learn how to playing music with confidence, and also add ensembleship to your strengths.


Friendship - 認識志同道合的年輕樂手

Opportunities - 把握演奏及演出的機會

Responsibility - 培養責任感

Techniques - 鍛鍊演奏技巧

Expressiveness - 提高音樂表達能力


Forte! Play with HKPW Summer 2021 aims to foster Friendship and peer learning for young musicians, offer Opportunities to play and perform music, encourage Responsibility, and strengthen members’ musical Techniques and Expressiveness.



Conductor: Szeto Chun-yeung, HKPW Resident Conductor

出席率達八成者將獲證書及HKPW Junior試音機會

Forte! players achieving at least 80% attendance will each be offered a certificate and an audition opportunity to join HKPW Junior from September 2021 to keep playing with us and journey beyond “F-O-R-T-E”!
費用:港幣1,800元(不適用於現任HKPW Junior團員)

Training Fee: HKD1,800 (not applicable for current members of HKPW Junior)
適合 9至18歲的木管、銅管或敲擊樂手

Suitable for woodwind, brass and percussion players aged 9 to 18 and attained ABRSM Grade 3 or above, or equivalent are welcome. 
Prior wind band experience is not required. 

報名 Enrol now: http://bit.ly/HKPW-Forte-2021

截止報名日期 Enrolment Deadline: 1 July 2021 (Thu)

試音日期 Audition date: 4 July 2021 (Sun) 3-6PM


Quota applies. Please apply ASAP!

查詢 Enquiry: 3488 1550 / hkpwcommittee@gmail.com

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Forte! 一齊玩音樂會 2021

Forte! Play with HKPW Concert 2021

12 Sep 2021 Sun 8PM
香港大會堂劇院 Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

演出 Performers

Forte! x 香港少年演奏家管樂團;指揮:司徒震洋

Forte! x HKPW Junior; Conductor: Szeto Chun-yeung

Dreamers 長號合奏

Dreamers Trombone Ensemble

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