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2016年初,我們成立「香港少年演奏家管樂團 (HKPW Junior)」,進一步向下一代推廣管樂。HKPW 及 HKPW Junior 現正招收各聲部之新團員,詳情按此

如欲知道更多過往活動的資訊,請瀏覽「樂團回顧」。 想知道更多樂團資訊,請密切留意樂團網頁hkpw.org.hk 或Facebook專頁facebook.com/HKPerformersWinds

HKPW is a non-profit art organisation established in September 2005. It aims to promote wind band music, at the same time providing opportunities for musicians to widen their interests and knowledge in music. Steve Kwan Tsz-lai is the Music Director and Conductor, while Szeto Chun-yeung, the Founding Chairman and Principal Trombone of HKPW, is the Resident Conductor.

HKPW organizes concerts regularly to provide more performing opportunities and exchange platforms for music lovers. It cooperated with many well-known musicians including Anthony Wong Chi-fai (clarinetist), Pak Wing-heng (conductor), Martin Choy Kwok-tin (conductor and clarinetist), Yeung Tak-man (trumpeter), Thomas Chan Kin-pang (tuba soloist), Carmen Ma (flutist), Danny Yau Ka-kei (oboist), Wryane Wong Wai-on (euphonium soloist), Choy Lap-tak (percussionist), Scott Liu (tuba soloist), Ng Bo-yee (trombonist) and Fung Ka-hing (trumpeter).

Apart from the regular band concerts, HKPW is also dedicated to promoting symphonic band music in various ways. HKPW was invited by the University of Hong Kong, HKQAA, Lok Sin Tong, a local charity, the Asia Pacific Band Directors’ Association, the Asian Youth Orchestra, Shenzhen Children Palace, Tsuen Wan Discovery Park, TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College, Hong Kong Institute of Christian Counselors and Hong Kong Tourism Board to perform in their events. Major performances include the 14th Asia Pacific Band Directors Association Biennial Convention in Macau, the 16th Asia Pacific Band Fair (Hong Kong 2010), the 4th China (Shenzhen) International Youth & Children Arts Exchange Festival, Hong Kong Music Summer – Community Concerts Series for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Asian Youth Orchestra and the 15th Conference of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles 2011 in Chiayi City of Taiwan.

To support art development and independent artists, HKPW co-organises recitals with musicians. This aims at providing more opportunities for musicians to perform and exchange, while introducing solo and ensemble music of wind instruments to the public via recitals. In 2010, HKPW invited Ng Bo-yee, a young and talented local trombonist and Thomas Chan Kin-pang, our Principal Tuba, to give two recitals, A Night with Trombone & Bo-yee Ng and Bass Tuba respectively. In March 2011, HKPW members formed several ensembles and gave a fruitful and successful performance at the HKPW Chamber Concert.

In early 2016, we set up Hong Kong Performers Winds Junior (HKPW Junior) to promote band music to the younger generation. HKPW & HKPW Junior are now recruiting new members of all sections!! Details here.

For the details of past events, please visit "Past Events". Don't miss any of our upcoming events and stay tuned for updates on our website at hkpw.org.hk or Facebook page at facebook.com/HKPerfomersWinds.