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​節目 Programme

《天空之城》選段 - 久石譲(司徒震洋編)

Selections from Castle in the Sky - Hisaishi Joe (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)


"Our loneliness is like a city floating in the sky, like a secret, but there is no way to tell it."


"The more we try to forget, the more profound we will remember."


《魔女宅急便》選段 - 久石譲(司徒震洋編)

Selections from Kiki’s Delivery Service - Hisaishi Joe (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)


"You can listen to your own voice only when travel alone. It tells you that the world is wider than what you have imagined. 


《風起了》 - 久石譲(伍家熾編)

The Wind Rises - Hisaishi Joe (arr. Ken Ng Ka-chi)


"The wind is rising. We must try to live."


《千與千尋》選段 - 久石譲(司徒震洋編)

Selections from Spirited Away - Hisaishi Joe (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)


"Never lose yourself."


"It's impossible to forget what happened, it's just that we can't recall it temporarily."

中場休息 Intermission


《貓之報恩》主題曲《幻化成風》 - 辻亞彌乃(司徒震洋編)

Ending Theme of The Cat Returns - Tsuji Ayano (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)


"What we once liked will become wind, and disappear into the tunnel of time eventually. Therefore, move on and don't look back."


《風之谷》選段 - 久石譲(司徒震洋編)

Selections from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - Hisaishi Joe (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)


"We have all lost too much, but everything is over, and now is the beginning of everything."


"Insects are much more beautiful than ugly humans who only destroy, rob and burn the earth."


《哈爾移動城堡》:《人生的旋轉木馬》 – 久石譲(司徒震洋編)

Howl’s Moving Castle: Merry Go Round of Life – Hisaishi Joe (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)


"I finally have someone to protect — that's you."


《幽靈公主》選段 - 久石譲(司徒震洋編)

Selections from Princess Mononoke - Hisaishi Joe (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)


"No one can change our fate, but we can choose to stand on spot or confront it bravely."


《龍貓》選段 - 久石譲(司徒震洋編)

Selections from My Neighbor Totoro - Hisaishi Joe (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)


"When did we start to be unable to yell like children wantonly? The little emotions in our hearts pile up like a mountain until they overflow. Instead of this, it's better to be like children forever." - Miyazaki Hayao

節目 Programme
演出及主辦 Performers & Presenter

Dreamers 長號合奏

Trombone Ensemble



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