過往活動 Past Events - 2019-2020


​周年音樂會 2020

Annual Concert 2020

5 July 2020 Sun 8pm

香港大會堂音樂廳 Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

演出 Performed by

網樂交響管樂團 Cyber Symphonic Winds (連結 link)

Dreamers 長號四重奏 Trombone Quartet

五十男樂團 Men of Winds (連結 link)

閃亮的銅管 Shining Brass (連結 link)

香港演奏家管樂團及少年團 Hong Kong Performers Winds & Junior

HKPW 駐團指揮 Resident Conductor

司徒震洋 Szeto Chun-yeung


客席指揮 Guest Conductors

吳國熹 Eric Ng

王卓能 Clement Wong Cheuk-nang

節目 Programme

Lone Star Overture by Thomas Doss 

English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams 

Sunny Island March by Wong Kah Chun 

Bengawan Solo by Gesang Martohartono (arr. by K.O)

A Russian Festival by Jay Dawson 

An English Sea Song Suite by Philip Sparke 

West Side Story​ by Leonard Bernstein (arr. Jack Gale) 

Beauty and the Beast Medley by Howard Ashman & Alan Menken (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)

Selections from The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung) 

The Symphonic Gershwin by George Gershwin (arr. Warren Barker)

Sing, Sing, Sing by Louis Prima (arr. Iwai Naohiro) 

Memories of Friendship by Yagisawa Satoshi


Dreamers in Broadway (Postponed)

23 May 2020 Sun 3pm

沙田大會堂文娛廳 Sha Tin Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall


康樂及文化事務署宣布繼續暫停開放其轄下設施至五月底。故本團原訂於2020年 4月11日舉行之「百老匯之夢」將由 5月23日再延期至另行通知。


The Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced that the performing arts venues are temporarily closed until late May.

Dreamers in Broadway concert will be further postponed and please stay tuned with us. Thank you! 


It's A Small World (Cancelled)

23 Feb 2020 Sun 7:30pm


元朗大劇院演藝廳 Yuen Long Theatre Auditorium




To prevent the recent coronavirus transmission in the community and ensure the health and safety of audience and performers, we regret to announce that we have to cancel the “It’s a Small World” Concert on 23 Feb 2020 (Sat) at Yuen Long Theatre.


Thank you for your support and understanding. Stay tuned for our next concert


Shining Brass Premiere Concert (Cancelled)

9 Feb 2020 Sun 3pm

香港大會堂劇院 Hong Kong City Hall Theatre


康樂及文化事務署宣布,為配合政府「對公共衞生有重要性的新型傳染病預備及應變計劃」下  提升應變級別至緊急及避免市民聚集,將繼續暫停開放其轄下設施至2月17日(星期一)。香港大會堂已暫停開放,直至另行通告。



繼續支持「閃亮的銅管」Please support Shining Brass at


To tie in with the response level under the "Preparedness and Response Plan for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance" being raised to Emergency Response Level and avoid people from gathering, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced that City Hall is temporarily closed until 17 Feb (Mon).
Therefore, Shining Brass Premiere Concert (9 Feb) will be cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


13 Jan 2020    Sun 2:30PM


Tuen Mun Town Hall Auditorium


演出 Performed by

香港演奏家管樂團 Hong Kong Performers Winds (HKPW)

香港少年演奏家管樂團 Hong Kong Performers Winds Junior (HKPW Junior)


音樂總監及指揮 Music Director & Conductor

關子禮 Steve Kwan Tsz-lai


駐團指揮 Resident Conductor

司徒震洋 Szeto Chun-yeung


節目 Programme

Tenchijin Opening Theme by Ōshima Michiru (arr. Sugimoto Koichi)

Music from Braveheart by James Horner (arr. Johnnie Vinson)

The Witch And The Saint by Steven Reineke

Prince Igor: Polovetsian Dances by Alexander Borodin (arr. Mark Hindsley)

Carmen: Toreador Song by Georges Bizet (arr. Takayama Naoya)

Soundtrack Highlights from Avengers: Endgame by Alan Silvestri (arr. Michael Brown)

Colonel Bogey by Kenneth Alford (arr. Takayama Naoya)

Dragon Quest 2 Medley by Sugiyama Koichi (arr. Kojima Satomi)

Music from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Tan Dun (arr. Michael Brown)

Operation Zero by Wong Kah Chun

Fate of the Gods by Steven Reineke

Overture 1812 by Peter Tchaikovsky (arr. Mark Hindsley)

Forte! 一齊玩音樂會

Forte! Play with HKPW Concert

21 Sep 2019    Sat 8PM



Tsuen Wan Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall

2019年暑假,香港演奏家管樂團(HKPW)舉辦「Forte! 一齊玩管樂團」暑期訓練,招募年輕樂手參與香港少年演奏家管樂團(HKPW Junior),成員將於9月21日展演訓練成果,同場亦有Dreamers長號四重奏及HKPW薩克管重奏作特別演出。

In Summer 2019, HKPW launched Forte! Play with HKPW, an intensive wind band training for young players to join HKPW Junior. Join us to enjoy the music performed by Forte! participants, HKPW Junior, Dreamers Trombone Quartet and HKPW Saxophone Ensemble.

演出 Performers

Forte! x 香港少年演奏家管樂團;指揮:司徒震洋

Forte! x HKPW Junior; Conductor: Szeto Chun-yeung

Dreamers 長號四重奏 Trombone Quartet

香港演奏家管樂團薩克管重奏 HKPW Saxophone Ensemble


​節目 Programme

A Festival Prelude by Alfred Reed (arr. James Curnow)

Coco: Remember Me by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez (arr. Johnnie Vinson)

Flight of Valor by James Swearingen

Spirited Away for Trombone Quartet by Hisaishi Joe (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)

Symphony No. 2: Urlicht by Gustav Mahler (arr. Yoshikawa Takenori)

Polovetsian Dances for Saxophone Ensemble by Alexander Borodin (arr. Ishikawa Ryota)

Glenn Miller Medley by Glenn Miller (arr. Koyama Yasuhiro)

In the Mood ~ Rhythm Lecture Version ~ by Joe Garland (arr. Hibi Norihiko)

Selections from Les Misérables by Claude-Michel Schönberg (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)

Arizona Sunset by Stephen Bulla

Highlights from Moana by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i & Mark Mancina (arr. Johnnie Vinson)

DeerPath Dances by David R. Holsinger

Forte! 一齊玩管樂團@2019夏

Forte! Play with HKPW@Summer 2019

Forte 在意大利文中指大聲、強而有力地演奏音樂,在英文中亦解作強項。參加香港少年演奏家管樂團(HKPW Junior)的Forte! 一齊玩管樂團@2019夏,學習如何有信心地演奏,讓合奏成為你的強項。

Forte is a musical term in Italian meaning "loud”, “strong” and “powerful”. It also means “strength” in English. Join HKPW Junior’s Forte! Play with HKPW@Summer 2019, a summer intensive wind band training, to learn how to playing music with confidence, and also add ensembleship to your strengths.


Friendship - 認識志同道合的年輕樂手

Opportunities - 把握演奏及演出的機會

Responsibility - 培養責任感

Techniques - 鍛鍊演奏技巧

Expressiveness - 提高音樂表達能力


Forte! Play with HKPW Summer 2019 aims to foster Friendship and peer learning for young musicians, offer Opportunities to play and perform music, encourage Responsibility, and strengthen members’ musical Techniques and Expressiveness.



Conductor: Szeto Chun-yeung, HKPW Resident Conductor


訓練 @ 觀塘Training @ Kwun Tong


1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 Aug 2019 (Thu) 1-3PM

4, 11, 18 & 25 Aug 2019 (Sun) 1-3PM

1, 8 & 15 Sep 2019 (Sun) 1-3PM


演出 Performance

21 Sep 2019 (Sat)

下午排練,晚上演出 PM rehearsal, EVE performance

荃灣大會堂文娛廳 Cultural Activities Hall, Tsuen Wan Town Hall

我最喜愛電影音樂 3

 My Favourite Soundtracks 3

31 Mar 2019 (Sun) 3PM

Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium

演出 Performed by:
香港演奏家管樂團 Hong Kong Performers Winds (HKPW)
香港少年演奏家管樂團 Hong Kong Performers Winds Junior (HKPW Junior)

音樂總監及指揮 Music Director & Conductor:
關子禮 Steve Kwan Tsz-lai

駐團指揮 Resident Conductor:
司徒震洋 Szeto Chun-yeung

節目 Programme

Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss (arr. Szeto Chun-yeung)
Seven Years in Tibet by John Williams (arr. John Moss)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Danny Elfman (arr. Roy Phillippe)
The Godfather Saga by Nino Rota (arr. Marcel Peeters & Szeto Chun-yeung)
James Bond Returns by Monte Norman, John Barry, etc. (arr. Ken Dye)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by James Newton Howard & John Williams (arr. Patrick Roszell)
Coco: Remember Me by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez (arr. Johnnie Vinson)
Disney at the Movies by Various (arr. John Higgins)
Pixar Movie Magic by Michael Giacchino & Randy Newman (arr. Michael Brown)
Interstellar by Noah d. Taylor
Symphonic Suite From Star Wars: The Force Awakens by John Williams (arr. Jay Bocook)
Jurassic Park Soundtrack Highlights by John Williams (arr. Paul Lavender)
Theme from You are the Apple of My Eye (Kimura Mitsutoshi & Szeto Chun-yeung)



13 Jan 2019 (Sun) 3PM

Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium

演出 Performed by:
香港演奏家管樂團 Hong Kong Performers Winds (HKPW)
香港少年演奏家管樂團 Hong Kong Performers Winds Junior (HKPW Junior)

音樂總監及指揮 Music Director & Conductor:
關子禮 Steve Kwan Tsz-lai

駐團指揮 Resident Conductor:
司徒震洋 Szeto Chun-yeung

節目 Programme

The Incredibles by Michael Giacchino (arr.  Hoshide Takashi)

Fly Me to the Moon by Bart Howard (arr. Hoshide Takashi)

Moon River by Henry Mancini (arr. Kushida Tetsunosuke)

LA LA LAND Suite by Justin Hurwitz (arr. Amano Masamicz)

Theme from New York, New York by John Kander (arr. Frank D. Cofield)

Over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen (arr. Warren Barker)

Big Band Classics (arr. Eric Osterling)

Doraemon Suite by Kurosu Katsuhiko, Kikuchi Shunsuke (arr. Kanayama Tohru)

At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral by Jared Spears

Bassman’s Holiday by Grant Hull

Aladdin: Friend Like Me by Alan Menken

Chicago by John Kander (arr. Victor López)

Autumn Leaves by Joseph Kosma (arr. Peter Blair & Szeto Chun-yeung)

Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin (arr. Ferde Grofé)

Sing, Sing, Sing by Louis Prima (arr. Honzawa Naoyuki)






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